New Temporary Local 602 Procedures

All functions of our Local are being revised to eliminate person to person contact in the hope of keeping you, our staff and our families healthy so we can all continue working as long as possible. If we are prohibited or otherwise unable to come to the Hall to work, we will be able to work from home by phone and by VPN (virtual private network) to our computers at the Hall.

If you need to resign, or sign the Inside JW or ask any questions related to dispatch, please send an email to Drew Downs at or send a text message to 806.316.4325.

If you need to pay dues or have questions about benefits or agreements or any general questions, please call 806.376.9945.

Please do not come to the Hall or JATC in person. Please have patience as we try to transition away from person to person interaction while still taking care of business.

Referral and Dispatch

Probably the greatest changes are to referral procedures. Basically, everything will stay the same, but be accomplished without in person contact. Please call the hall to sign the books. If not already received, we will request the termination slip from your previous employer. When taking a call, rather than coming to the hall for a referral, it will be sent to the contractor and the contractor will forward a signed copy back.

Revised Dues Payment Procedures

The staff areas of the Hall and the JATC are closed to the public. Neither the Ibew nor JATC are accepting cash payments for anything until further notice.

Meetings and Classes

All JATC classes are suspended until further notice. Check Back for April 8th Meeting

Furloughs and Reductions in Force

National NECA and the IBEW International have agreed that employees requesting a layoff or furlough will get one. Employers also can furlough or layoff as they believe necessary. In all cases, the Employers have agreed to do whatever they can to assist those laid off or furloughed in obtaining unemployment benefits as quickly as possible. A person may need a release from a doctor to return to work. The Employers have agreed not to contest any claims for unemployment benefits until the Covid-19 pandemic situation has resolved (please click here to see a copy of the IBEW-NECA NDERA Agreement, and click here to read a Q and A about the agreement’s details). ”

These are pretty unsettling times. Please be kind to everyone, I am sure we are all doing our best, and now more than ever we all need all of us to make it.